{ Wedding! } Meghan & Nick’s Big day!

I was contacted by the bride’s new mother-in-law if I knew any great photographers in the Arizona area- I of course do know a name of one I admire, but if they were interested I’d fly there in a heartbeat to shoot Meghan & Nick’s wedding.  And that was just the beginning.  I was soooooo excited to connect with Meghan & Nick through a skype session to get to know them better and the details they were planning for their big day!  Thank goodness for technology!  I was beyond excited to be a part of their day and of course to spend a weekend in April in 80 degree weather! :)  ANYDAY! :)


I was beyond impressed with Lake Havasu, AZ.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect except a Lake! :)  It’s really beautiful there!!!  We stayed at The Nautical Beach Resort which is where the wedding and reception would be held and the site was beautiful.  I said it was a good combination of both the mountains and also felt like being in Florida or someplace tropical.  Flowers were blooming and the resort colors just happened to make my couples wedding colors!


The day was filled with sooooooo much emotion and love.  I couldn’t help hold back tears behind my camera when Meghan & Nick did a first “touch”.  They did not want to see each other before the ceremony but decided to meet up at a corner of a wall to hold hands for be there for each other.  It was the sweetest thing ever and i’m always touched when a groom sheds tears as well!  Then throw in Meghan’s beautiful daughter McKinley to the mix and seeing how much Nick loves her as his own daughter just melts my heart!  In fact I think they melted all our hearts through the entire day where there obvious love for each other and McKinley.


We were beyond blessed to be invited to be a part of their day!  Thank you Meghan & Nick for your kindness and allowing us to capture your memories of your beautiful day!

– Michelle

IMG_1002 IMG_1005m fb IMG_1068 IMG_1936m fb IMG_1966m fb

Location: Lake Havasu, AZ http://www.golakehavasu.com

Resort : Nautical Beach Resort http://www.thenauticalbeachfrontresort.com/index.htm?lbl=ggl-en&gclid=CKHr4cu0ssUCFYNDaQodXQEADQ

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