and the WINNERS ARE……

So I’ve delayed the winners being announced because I really thought I was going to do an awesome video message with me pulling the names out of a hat, fumbling trying to pronounce names…. BUT that would require me to get dressed up & do my makeup.  But with a toddler running around, weddings every weekend, wedding meetings, engagement sessions, edits, albums to work on etc yea that didn’t happen quick enough! :)  You get the point!   SO today I decided nevermind I’m pulling the winners and here we go!!!!  

First let me say that WOW Thank you again to everyone that is our FAN!  You are all AWESOME and if I could mail each & every one of you a gift I would!!!!!!  We are the business we are today because of loyal friends, family & clients that seriously was built with our beginning weddings sharing photos or tagging wedding party and that led to numerous “word of mouth” clients we then got in the years to come!  We truly are thankful for FACEBOOK and what it has done for our business!  I know a lot of things have changed in recent years and many of you may not even see our posts because Facebook decides what shows up on your newsfeed!  But for you that do see a post or two, comment, tag,  “like” photos etc – we are grateful!!!!    

I HAND WROTE each & every fan’s name on a little piece of paper – (I couldn’t find any easier way with facebook to export my fan list) and that alone was a task, however it was awesome to reflect on people that have been our fans for YEARS!!!  Seriously 1015 fans names went into my hat!  Some of you we have had the honor of photographing & meeting and a few we have never met!  :)  But it was completely RANDOM and all you had to do was be our fan to be in the drawing!  So without further ado here’s the names that got pulled from the hat…..  

Erin Valusek  

Michelle Schrock  

Ashley Timmermann  

Wanda Hunnicutt Mecone  

Stephanie Berger-Steinert  

Jill Sandercock  

Nick Petterson  

Victoria Roberts  

Edward Fries

& Margaret Vitale Dombrowski!  

I will try to send each of you a message through Facebook to give me your addresses so I can mail you a treat – if you don’t see a message – please check your OTHER box or message me (some profiles are restricted to sending private messages)!  

CONGRATS again to our 10 winners and Thank you again ALL of you for being our FANS!!!!  

MichelleIMG_3574 fb IMG_3572 fb IMG_3568 fb

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