Katie & Kyle ~ { Wedding Day }

When we first met with Katie & Kyle – I was a little nervous- hey we were meeting with Ben’s good friend when he lived in Madison and the two used to work together.  I think anytime I’m presented the opportunity to work for family or friends I feel the butterflys- oh dear I hope they think my work is good enough for them and man I hope I don’t leave any disappointment for their day!  Hey i’m only creating here memories that will last forever :)

Katie & Kyle booked us on the spot after meeting with them a little over an hour talking about their day! PS I NEVER expect any couple to book on the spot! :)  But honestly the two are an amazing couple!  They have a great balance of being goofy together but have the other balance of caring that is so special!

When I met with Katie for their timeline meeting I was faced with a new challenge!  Their family lost someone very special to them about a month before the wedding day.  A best friend of Kyles (his best man) and Katie’s brother in law.  Katie wanted to keep everyone on the day of, as happy as they can be but yet still have his loss and memory close to heart.  I knew then how much these two have been through already together and with family in this loss.  I also knew that if they could go through all the stress of planning a wedding and losing someone so close I know they can get through anything together.

Katie & Kyle’s day was beautiful!  Beautiful sunny day and a great tribute the friend and family member that couldn’t be there in person that day.

Katie & Kyle Thank you for choosing us to capture your day & for treating us like family!  We are soooo excited for your future together!!!!!  Thank you again <3 Michelle & Ben

Here’s a few highlights from their day:


~ First Look ~


~ Ceremony ~


~ FIrst Kiss ~

IMG_1505m fb

~ So Precious and Cute ~


~ Candy Bar and Ring Shot ~

IMG_0567Mr fb

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