2016 Goals

If you saw my refridgerator right now you wouldn’t recognize it belonging to me – in fact I barely recognize it!  It’s filled with fruits, veggies, meat and really no junk.  Fact is I’ve never watched what i’ve eaten, and i’m addicted to sweets!  :)  YIKES I put that out there!  I made the biggest goals for myself this year than I’ve ever made!  I’ve continued to slowly watch my scale number go higher and higher and I’m not ok with what number it’s become.

Growing up I never had any weight issues- so this is new to me!  Well it’s been me over the past few years.  I’ve put on weight that was never in my life before and I’ve become someone I barely recognize looking in the mirror.  I’ve never had the motivation before to actually do something about it- what clicked?- hmmm, I ask myself that over and over.  I don’t think there’s one exact thing that finally made me jump to do anything – just a combination of a lot of things!  Planning to go into a new year always makes me set goals- but this year I’ve gone BIG!  LIKE HUGE!!! LIKE CHANGE MY LIFE goals!  YIKES!  Admitting what I’ve put out there for myself is crazy- and I honestly think it’s long overdue!

My daily motivators- I now have on my bathroom mirror- my daily tally of if I’ve eaten low carbs, no sugar days and days I’ve worked out!  It helps staring at it daily!  If my scale doesn’t lie then I’ve actually lost 8 lbs so far in 3.5 weeks!  WHOOT WHOOT!  A small amout worth a mini celebration!

Like I said before I made other huge goals for myself – and so far I’ve been sticking to those too!  Maybe I’ll save all that for another blog post! ;)

Besides eating healthy, working out and making those goals I’ve also made goals for my business!  To be more open, take more time to blog, and focus on hopefully having a little less craziness this year!  Last year we did 30 weddings, that didn’t sound too crazy to me- but when I added up how many events/sessions I photographed last year it came out 113 sessions – SERIOUSLY – that’s 1 in every 3 days something – a newborn, a maternity session, a family session, a senior, boudoir, engagement session, etc.  I honestly don’t know how I managed to do that many sessions last year and have a family!  I’ve put our business first over a lot of family time and husband time.  I’m hoping this year we find a better balance!   It’s another huge goal- but i’m excited for what our year holds!

So DREAM BIG people!  Share with me your goals and what you are doing to accomplish them! Its February and I’m hoping you too have a success to share with whatever you’ve accomplished so far in the past month of the new year!!!!

Happy Thursday!


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