a little sunshine…

I can still remember the text I got from my friend Jenny out of the blue telling me she had some news… a beautiful ultrasound photo and a comment of “10 weeks!!!”  I immediately called her and had a good cry sharing just how excited I was for her (yup i’m a sap for preggos) and her big news!!!!!  My friend has gone through a lot of heartbreak in the past 6 years and this news was just soooooo beyond exciting!!!!  It was a bit of sunshine that she and her family needed!!!!  I told her I wanted to be there to document it all, so our journey began.  

We did a pregnancy announcement session only 6 weeks ago and yesterday I got to be a part of her big gender reveal!  I was beyond excited to be there when my friend would find out what this little peanut would be!  I was team girl all the way!  I know she LOVES her boys but I felt like maybe a girl would be a great thing in her life – and secretly thought of us as young teens dreaming of the days we’d have babies – i’m pretty sure we figured we’d have daughters that would grow up to be just like us!   So the big reveal was planned to be a surprise for my friend & her family- they had their ultrasound this past week on Wednesday and decided to have the ultrasound tech write down the baby’s sex and put it in an envelop.  They took the envelop to the baker and had them do Raspberry filling if it was a girl or blueberry filling if it’s a boy.  So NO ONE knew but her ultrasound tech & the baker what they were having!!!!  See below for the grand reveal!!!!  I’m sooooooooo excited for my friend and the new journey in her life!!!


what will be in the cake??? Raspberry or Blueberry filling?gender reveal cake

the cake cut and reveal….

GR-0308m fb GR-0309-2m fb


GR-0312m fb

and just to be sure dad double checked the envelop given back from the baker and from the ultrasound tech! It’s confirmed… GIRL!!!


no one knows what it will be..

 GR-0461m fb

it’s a SHE!!!!

GR-0493mbw fb

GR-0533m fb

GR-0550mr fb

GR-0560m fb

GR-0586m 18w fb

first 3 generation photo…

GR-0609m fb

thank you again Jenny for allowing me to be a part of your journey!!!! Love, Michelle

the best is yet to come…

4 years ago today it was another COLD foggy day- I married my best friend!  I look back at it all now and remember clearly- we chose to do a very small wedding and very simple!  We were SOOOOOO excited to invest in our business and grow it that this was the best option for us at the time.  We both knew we wanted to be married so why wait! :)  We married March 12, 2010, super excited to get our business growing and investing more time and money into our business.  We had already done a few weddings and knew we wanted to continue where this was going!

I look back at the pictures I have to show for my day- we didn’t hire a professional photographer and that probably is the ONE regret I’ll carry- I have pictures from friends that they took , but I can’t re-do our day.  Again we decided to skip that option because hey WE were photographers and the biggest investments we were making that year was into more equipment for ourselves.  Yea yea I know, I shouldn’t have skipped on the photographer!

But overall, I am soooo happy we married, I’ve spent the last 6 years with this man and love every minute we’ve had together!   We now have a business that we’ve dedicated 5 years to, a beautiful 1 year old boy and a great marriage that I am happy to be in!  I always joke that I live vicariously through our brides and grooms on their wedding days. :)  I think I do, I get sooooo excited for the plans they plan and the day they put together and I feel excited for them to start their lives together as husband and wife, if it’s anything like ours the best is yet to come.

Happy March 12th everyone!

3 edit sm

picture taken by our friend David Redlin


turning 1…

I have been DREADING my baby turning 1!!! I think the entire thing of being a mom is still surreal!  I am finally used to the idea of having a baby and now he’s not a baby anymore!?  YIKES! Where does time go!  People said all the time watch out they grow soooo fast- DON’T BLINK.  I thought to myself (sure) but seriously it’s beyond true!  I blinked and here I am a year later!  Crying in my cherrios my baby is one (ok I guess I didn’t get that bad). But the sap that I am had to go to the hospital he was born at and take the nurse that was with us the entire birth process flowers – crazy mom?- yes I’m sure I am. I had to reminisce!  

I have been excited this past month about his one year old photoshoot!  I have been on Etsy & Pinterest putting together ideas left and right!  I found the perfect outfit (thank you etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SewLovedBaby) and how been creating and buying props!  I custom made my own confetti!  I know I have a boy- but I seriously can’t pass up a good confetti moment and turning 1 I think deserves a confetti toss! :)  See my video clip for a behind the scene view of Bryson’s 1 year old photoshoot :)  My little stud muffin!  More pics of his session will be on my facebook fan page soon! :)

Video clip of Bryson’s Shoot: https://vimeo.com/87974981

one 1 yr old

Choosing the perfect spot…

Choosing the PERFECT photo spot can sometimes be one of the most difficult things to plan for on a wedding day!  I always encourage my brides and grooms to pick a place that represents their style or the “look” they want in their photos.  Basically What would you want hanging on your walls?  

I knew before Saturday’s wedding that we had the perfect Rustic spot picked out for bridal party photos- Trimborn Farm.  LOVE this spot!  I was even more excited when we arrived that the red barn was a PERFECT compliment to the bridesmaid’s dresses and matched their bouquets!!!  The red backdrop makes their colors POP even more!  

And Best of all this spot had perfect areas that wouldn’t make the sun shining directly in their eyes for squinty photos!  I always am on the lookout for ANY photo session for spots that are not in direct sunlight- that have just enough lighting on them – this spot we found was absolutely PERFECT!!!!!  I’m always here to help any of my couples with any suggestions on where to go and what to look for in any location.  

Happy Monday Everyone!



the best of 2013…

2013 is ending in just a little over a day!!! This year has flown by!  I feel soooo honored that we have had the opportunity to be a part of so many couple’s big day this year!!!!!  

I smile because Ben & I totally had a survivor moment when we had a 2 hr drive home from one of our weddings last month.  We walked through each wedding we had this year- talked about our favorite moments from each couple’s wedding!  It was a blast going through so many great memories and things we could smile and laugh about still to this day!  

I am thankful every day for the career I have – It has meant me being able to spend way more time with our 10 month old son then I normally would get with any other job.  I pull all-nighters of work more than I think anyone would ever believe but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  

I am so thankful again for all the memories we got to share with this year’s brides & grooms and them allowing us to be a part of their world -their families and closest friends.  We are so excited for the year ahead of us and an even bigger year than the year we’ve had!  With already almost as many weddings booked for 2014 as we did this year- we are so pumped for the year to begin!

our beautiful couples from this year's weddings

our beautiful couples from this year’s weddings

Getting back into the swing of things…

Seriously where has the time gone again since i’ve last blogged!  Now is the time to get back in and blog again!!!

Our year has been flying by!!!  Soooo many changes have happened and I don’t think one blog could sum it up!  I will try to communicate and update as much as possible in the next upcoming blogs over the next few weeks, but wanted to get a THANK YOU up on my blog to all that have read my blog or have just stopped by!

So to switch things up I’ve done a video message!  Yea really going all out here! : ) too bad it took me forever to figure out how to load a video! : ) But here it is! : )

Check out my blog video post here:  Blog Post thank you

We are forever evolving and I am constantly growing us a brand and who we are and who we want to be!  So thank you to all of you that have been along for our journey and have watched us grow!!! :)  We are super excited for all that’s to come and where we plan for our future to go!



First Engagement Session of 2013

I’ve been VERY excited for our Engagement sessions to begin this year- one it gets me pumped up for wedding season and USUALLY it means warmer weather!  :)  Key word “Usually”.  This is Wisconsin so why would I think anything of it.  :)  Our weather has NOT been very warm but I know so many have been excited to see signs of Spring on it’s way!  

I, especially after working 10 + years of retail can’t wait for the SPRING wardrobe colors!  I was SUPER pumped when Moira (my bride) sent an email before their engagement session and said she was going to make this session “SPRING” no matter what! :) LOVE this girl!!!!  And guess what she did!  Props to you both Moira & Ed for putting up with the cold weather in your Spring attire- the colors POP so well and definitely make me excited for the upcoming warmer weather!!!! Here’s just a few of my favorite photos from our chilly spring day….


A thank you for 2012…

I can’t believe today is the last DAY of 2012!!!! Where has this year gone????   I am sooooooo grateful to the many new clients/friendships we’ve met and made!  I am soooo blessed to have amazing Brides/Grooms that have shared about us and we are walking into 2013 with a GREAT year of weddings!!!  I just want to thank EVERYONE soooo much that has supported us and has gotten the word out there of Nakasato Photography!  3 years ago we did our first wedding and I only had a dream that this business would take off – Now More Than Ever it’s real & we truly are living “the dream”. : )  It is the BEST to be around so many happy people & people that are in LOVE!  It is truly what inspires me & keeps me going!  So thank you for allowing me to do what I LOVE!

I am so excited for 2013!  We have so many things to be excited for this next year!  A new addition to our family will be here in February (our future assistant- ok just kidding- who knows maybe some day).  I hope everyone has big dreams & goals for this next year – keep surrounding yourself with people that push you to grow and you WILL!  : )  

Thank you again everyone for a great 2012!  

2013 here we come!!! 


Ashley & Steve {Chicago Engagement Session}

I remember clearly coming home from work to my parents house and any time it was warm outside and the neighbor kids were out playing i’d hear “MICHELLLLLLLLLEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” in the most excited screams!!!!  That was the sound of the little girls I had baby sat for since they were baby & toddlers.  Oh how I loved being Loved so much by these two little girls!  I feel incredibly glad that to this day these two are still in my life and when I found out one of them was engaged I was BEYOND ecstatic when I was selected to be her Wedding Photographer!  

Not only am I super pumped to be a huge part of this girls big day- she also decided she wanted to do engagement pictures in Chicago!!!  Chicago is like a candy store for photographers (at least this one) every where you turn- amazing architecture and amazing spots to do pics!  I am soooo happy Ashley has found the love of her life & can’t wait to do her wedding this upcoming year!!!  Congrats again girl!  We can’t wait for the big day!  

Here’s just a few of my fav’s from the day…

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i’ve been keeping a secret…

It has literally been MONTHS since i’ve written a blog post!  MONTHS! Where did the time go and why on earth have I avoided writing anything for sooooo long?    Well I can think of a few reasons but they are no excuse!  Time to get back into the swing of things!  Where do I begin?

I honestly feel like i’ve kept my mouth shut for so many months because I’ve been keeping a secret!  My dad has always told me “honesty is the best policy”.  Well there hasn’t been any lies but It’s been soooooo hard for me to speak out and share my big news!!!  So here it is…… I’m PREGGO!!!!  

Shocks?  Wooooas? Just kidding!  I think I am more shocked and wooed than anyone I know! : )  I just turned 30 this year and my photography business for the past 3 1/2 years has been my baby!!! It’s been my focus and goal to build and grow and nothing was stopping me!  It’s just one little thing thrown at me I didn’t expect.  It’s a good thing!  I really am excited to become a mom, just didn’t see that one coming. : )  

I found out in July this year and am due end of February- I felt like I had to keep it a secret to not worry anyone and make them think that I’ll be less of a photographer than I am.  I had a few more weddings ahead of me for the year, engagement sessions & meetings with Brides & Grooms for weddings next year.  I had to PROVE to myself that nothing would stop me or slow me down from making sure that my clients still had the same amazing experience with us that we’ve been able to provide before – preggo or not- I am going to succeed! : )

3 weeks ago we finished our last wedding of the year, and last wedding being pregnant.  I made it! : ) I am happy that this little man (yup it’s a boy!) decided to come about at such a perfect photography schedule!  He will be 3 months old next year when the wedding season is in full swing! : )  It will be perfect timing for us to adjust as parents and carry on our dream job of being photographers!  We are excited to say that next year will be by far the biggest wedding year we’ve had so far!  I feel soooo blessed to have had such amazing clients that have spread the word about us and our work.  And to everyone that has found out my secret- my brides and future brides have been nothing but sooooooooo supportive and excited for me of our big news!  : )  SO thank you to everyone that has been sooooooo kind & made me feel like i’m not a washed out 30 year old MOM! : ) LOL

I’m sooooo excited for this new chapter and journey in our lives!  I will definitely keep everyone posted as well on business & baby news since i’ll now have so many new personal stories to share! : )  But most importantly they will include the things I LOVE most in life: my hubby, being in love, being around people in love and what to expect in the next chapter of everyone’s life – parenthood! : )

Here’s a pic I made Ben take at our last wedding- just for memory sake & to know I did it…

m-7821m5x7 fb